Rules & Safety Guidlines

We would like to thank you for choosing Little Stars as you child’s activity provider. The Little Stars Sports Club believes that it is important for members, coaches and parents associated with the club to familiarize themselves with club rules and safety guidelines; following these guidelines ensures a safe and family friendly environment for your child and everyone else on gym premises.




  • All students must arrive on time (10-15 minutes before the start of the class). Participation in the warm-up at the start of class is compulsory; it is one of the most important aspects of any physical activity. In gymnastics a lot of emphasis is placed on flexibility and strength, participating in a good warm-up is essential if injuries are to be avoided.

  • All children can attend only the classes they have signed up for at the beginning of the term. Classes are designed according to age and skill level, attending the right level/ age group will help your child gain maximum benefit.

  • If you have arrived at the gym early, please ask your child to have a seat in the parent’s area until the start of their class (it is strictly forbidden to run around the gym, use any apparatus unattended or walk across the gymnasium).

  • Collecting your child on time is essential. Classes run back to back, prompt collection of your child will help insure that later classes are not disturbed and continue to run on schedule.

  • Children must wait in the parent’s area for their parents to collect them, leaving the gym unattended in now allowed.



  • Appropriate clothing must be worn. Gymnastics leotards are compulsory for all girls (no ballet attire allowed). Boys can attend in shorts (with no pockets) and a t-shirt.

  • No outdoor shoes are to be worn in the Gym. Socks are to be avoided as they can be slippery on certain surfaces. Barefoot or gymnastics shoes are preferred (please leave all outdoor shoes in the allocated shoe racks).

  • No necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other jewelry is to be worn during training sessions.

  • Hair must be tied up, away from the face.



  • Gymnasts must be courteous to other gymnasts and coaching staff and treat others as they would like to be treated themselves at all times.

  • Gymnasts must listen to the coaching staff and follow instructions carefully.

  • Gymnasts are not to go on any equipment in the absence of a supervising coach or without permission.

  • Gymnasts are to treat the gym and the equipment with care and consideration. This includes putting any rubbish in the bin.

  • Before crossing any dismount mat, tumbling strip, floor exercise mat or any other apparatus look around for other gymnasts. Don't cross until the way is clear. Always yield to gymnasts in the middle of doing skills.

  • Gymnasts may not leave their class without informing their coach. This includes trip to the bathroom, water cooler or waiting area.

  • Spotting is to be done by coaches only. No student or parent is allowed to spot gymnast.

  • No chewing gum is allowed during class.

  • Discipline & safety must be observed at all times.

  • Food and drinks (with exception of water) are strictly prohibited inside the gym training area.



  • No parents are to remain inside the gym training area while class is in progress.  Parents are welcome to spectate from the parent’s area. It has been proven that a much better response from children is possible when a parent is not present. The club will organize open viewing sessions that will allow parents to spectate the progress of their children (details on dates will be announced later during the terms). 

  • No siblings, friends, nannies or other visitors are allowed inside the gym training area before, during or after class time. The parent’s area solely is intended for all visitors. Overcrowding the gym with visitors has proven to disturb class and limit gymnast’s attention spam to the task at hand. Under no circumstances will siblings be allowed to participate in any class that they are unregistered for.

  • All visitors are welcome to wait in the parent’s area. For those who do use this area, please keep in mind that the school is a rented property and MUST be kept clean. No destruction or vandalism of property will be tolerated; gymnasts, parents and visitors are liable for any damage caused.

  • No siblings are to be left unattended anywhere on club facilities. 



  • It is the responsibility of the parent to fill out The Little Stars Registration form and sign the Waiver form on behalf of a gymnast before the start of a new term. Please make sure to fill in all areas especially emergency contact details and highlight any medical concerns your child may have. A one-time registration fee is applicable to all newcomers.

  • Term fees should be paid in full (cash only) by the first day of the term. No partial down payments will be accepted under any circumstances for seat bookings. Details on class fees, registration fees, and term dates are available on club website and at club reception.

  • The club runs on a strict no fees no train policy, gymnasts with outstanding fees will be asked to spectate classes until the balance has been cleared.

  • Gymnasts are entitled to one make-up class per term depending on availability (this make up class can be used up within the registered term only). No refund of term fees will be offered under any circumstances. Term fee refunds are only allocated in case of injury. Make ups & refunds are subject to submission of a medical certificate and occur on a pro-rata basis. Classes/term fees are not transferrable to other children.


  • Coaches are not available for discussion with parents during class time. Any questions could be directed to reception staff. Please find time to talk with the Head Coach (Taya) if necessary outside of designated class time.

  • Whilst it is not compulsory please ensure your child brings a drink should they need one. We recommend gymnasts bring water, fizzy drinks are not permitted. Food is not allowed inside the gym.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in both the gymnasium and parent’s area. We at the Little Stars support a healthy lifestyle and would like to keep the environment smoke free.

  • No valuable items should be brought to the gym. We cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items. Any items found will be placed in the lost and found box.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Little Stars welcomes you to its Gymnastics family!





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