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Safety is our number one priority. We have put together a set of guidelines to create a safe environment for our gymnasts and their families. Please take the time to read through them before your/ your child's first class.

Drop off/ Pick up

  • Drop off/ pick is at the Little Stars club reception area/ front door of the hall. Students should arrive to class on time. Participation in the warm-up at the start of class is compulsory; it is one of the most important aspects of any physical activity. In gymnastics a lot of emphasis is placed on flexibility and strength and participating in a good warm-up is essential to prepare the body for exercise and safeguard muscles from injury.

  • Children can only attend the class/es that they have been enrolled in at the time of registration. Classes are designed according to age and skill level, attending the right level/ age group will help your child gain maximum benefit.

  • If you have arrived early, please allow the team to check your child's have a seat in the waiting area until the team is ready to start your child's class. It is strictly forbidden children to run around the gym, use any apparatus unattended or walk into the training area without coach guidance).

  • A spacious seating area is available inside the Dome for visitors. If you choose to leave the premises during your child's session, please insure that you arrive for pick up 10-15 minutes prior to the end of your child's class. Prompt pick up of your child will help insure that later classes are not interrupted and continue to run on schedule.

  • Children cannot leave the premises unattended, they must be pick up by a parent/ guardian.


  • Appropriate gymnastics attire must be worn to class.

    • A gymnastics leotard is recommended for girls (can be worn in combinations with shorts or leggings). Alternatively a shirt (that tucks in) and paired with shorts/ leggings can also be worn to class. 

    • A compression shirt, a boys leotard or a t-shirt which can tuck in paired with athletic shorts or compression shorts is recommended for boys.

  • No outdoor shoes are allowed inside the training area (allocated shoe cubbies are available at the end of the gym).

  • Avoid socks and tights as they can be slippery on certain surfaces/ equipment  We recommend doing the class barefoot or in proper gymnastics shoes.

  • No necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other jewelry is to be worn during training sessions.

  • Hair must be tied up, away from the face.

  • For more tips on attire, visit our "WHAT TO WEAR TO CLASS" section

Class Discipline

  • Gymnasts must be courteous to other gymnasts, coaches and staff members.

  • Gymnasts must follow coach instructions carefully.

  • Gymnasts are not to go on any equipment in the absence of a supervising coach or without permission.

  • Gymnasts are to treat the gym and the equipment with care and consideration. This includes putting any rubbish in the bin.

  • Before crossing any dismount mat, tumbling strip, floor exercise mat or any other apparatus look around for other gymnasts. Don't cross until the way is clear. Always yield to gymnasts in the middle of doing skills.

  • Gymnasts may not leave their class without informing their coach. This includes trip to the bathroom, water cooler or waiting area.

  • Spotting is to be done by coaches only. Other student or parents are not allowed to spot gymnasts.

  • No food or drink (with exception of water) is allowed in the training area. Fizzy drinks are not permittedNo chewing gum is allowed during class.

  • Discipline & safety must be observed at all times.


  • Only registered gymnasts are allowed in the training area.  Parents/ visitors have a designated waiting area (bleachers) available to them. Multiple coffee shops and restaurants are also available on Erth Hotel premises.

  • Visiting siblings should be attended by an adult at all times. Siblings not registered in the program are not allowed in the training area

  • We ask that parents/ visitors refrain from standing by the entrance or the fencing once their children have entered the the training area as this blocks the passageway and can be distracting for students.

Registration & Tuition

  • A parent/guardian must complete a registration form and sign a waiver before a child under the ages of 18 can join a class.

  • Participants ages 18+ years must complete a registration form and sign a waiver prior to joining a class.

  • Class capacities are limited. Fees must be paid in full to guarantee a class spot.

  • Fees are non-refundable/ non-transferable.

  • Due to limited class capacity, make-up classes cannot be accommodated.


  • Coaches are not available for discussion during class time. Questions can be directed to the admin staff or the Head Coach on duty. We are also available to answer any questions by email on or by phone on +971507810635.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the premises.

  • No valuable items should be brought to the gym. Any items found on the premises will be placed in the lost and found box or handed over to the security office. Little Stars is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

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