Frequently asked questions


What kind of recreational sports activities does Little Stars offer?

We at Little Stars currently run 3 recreational programs for children 1. Artistic Gymnastics 2. Rhythmic Gymnastics 3. Swimming We also offer Artistic Gymnastics classes for Adults twice a week.

How old does my child have to be to join the classes?

The minimum joining age varies based on the activity... Artistic Gymnastics minimum age is 3 years Rhythmic Gymnastics minimum age is 4 years Swimming classes minimum age is 3 years

Should my child join the Artistic Gymnastics or Rhythmic Gymnastics program?

The below two pages published on our website will give you a good idea of what the two sports are, how they are different and where their similarities lie. Choosing one or the other is usually a matter of the child's preference. What is Artistic Gymnastics? What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

What should my child wear to class?

Are the gymnastics classes for girls only? Or is there a class for my son to attend?

Can I watch the class?

How many classes a week should my child attend?


Do you offer any competitive training programs?

Yes, in additional to our recreational classes we offer two extensive competitive training programs: 1. Artistic Gymnastics (USA Gymnastics & FIG) 2. Rhythmic Gymnastics (FIG) Membership to the competitive programs can be acquired on an invite only basis.

How can my child join the competitive porgram?


How can I register for a class?

Why do I have to sign my child up for a full term? I would prefer to pay by class.

My child has missed one of his/her classes, can I come in for a make up class?

Can I carry forward any remaining classes to a different term or camp?

How do I get a refund?

I would like to register my child for a class, but the term has already started. Can I register mid-term?

I would like to register my child for a class, but I am not sure if he/she will like it. What do I do?