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Mom, Pap & Me (Boys & Girls 2.5-3 years)

This intro class is designed to support little ones in developing their gross motor skills while also building balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Children work alongside a parent or guardian to explore the gym with coach guidance.

This class utilizes obstacle courses, games and traditional gymnastics equipment to support little ones in developing sensory perception, spatial and body awareness and also build confidence at a young age.


Tiny Tots (Boys & Girls 3-4 years)


This fun filled/high energy class is the first in a series of independent classes designed to keep your little ones happy and healthy. Introduction to balance beam, bars, trampoline, and obstacle courses are among the favorites with this age group. Independent enough to attend classes without parents, boys & girls in this age group still learn best in a structured environment where gymnastics activities are combined with a healthy dose of fun!

Tumble Tots (Boys & Girls 5-6 years)

This is a transitional class that aims to strengthen a child's gymnastics foundation and develop progressive gymnastics skills. With further development of gross motor skills, balance, strength and coordination, the class also helps determine whether the next step in for a gymnast in the next class in the Recreational program or a move to the Competitive Squad.

Foundation/ Development / Advanced (Boys & Girls 7+ years)


This series of classes introduces school aged boys & girls to the sport of Gymnastics with a focus on skills development. They aim to teach children interested in gymnastics recreationally, a progressive set of gymnastics skills pre-defined for each of the three levels while promoting health and fitness. Gymnasts need to master the skills set for the Foundation class before successfully moving to the Development and further to the Advanced classes.

Contrary to popular belief, gymnastics is not a girls only sport. Foundation/ Dev/ Adv classes are also open to boys and concentrate on building proper gymnastics foundation for boys ages 7+. Strong emphasis is placed on conditioning and strength building. Boys enrolled in this program will learn the importance of goal setting and self discipline.

Acrobatics/ Trampolining (Boys & Girls 7+ years)


Ever wanted to learn how to flip head over heels?  Our acrobatics/ trampolining class focuses on developing body and aerial awareness to get girls and boys ages 7+ prepared to perform a variety of acrobatic tricks. The class utilizes the trampoline, tumble track, air-track, spring floor and foam pits. This is a great class for complete beginners as well as dancers and ex-gymnasts who want to add to their skill repertoire.


Girls/ Boys Team Orientation


This is our early-age, talent-identifying program for girls & boys. Gymnasts who are invited to join this group will have both an interest and the ability to continue on to the next level of the Competitive Girls/ Boys Squad.


Competitive Squad (Boys & Girls USAG & FIG)


Little Stars Competitive Programs sees talented boys and girls become young gymnastics athletes. Our gym is fully equipped with a high standard of gymnastics apparatuses, specialized foam pits and a variety of teaching aids for high quality training. All our competitive programs are run by experienced and qualified gymnastics professionals to help gymnasts reach their full potential.


Our Artistic Gymnastics Competitive Program follows both the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program as well as FIG guidelines for a select group of Elite gymnasts. Selection into the Competitive Program is by Invitation only.


Adult Gymnastics (16+ years)


It might be your first handstand, or your first vault, or just your first time on a tumble track in years. Whatever challenge you set for yourself, there is nothing better than knowing you can do it.


If you are over 16, adult gymnastics provides an opportunity to try out an exciting sport. And by building your strength, flexibility and control, you will see your performance improve in other sports too. Whether your looking to take your first steps in gymnastics or get back into the sport, our adult gymnastics class makes it easy.


Both males and females are welcome!



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