• Please arrive five minutes before your scheduled class time. Enter the pool area only when instructors are present. No children are allowed in the pool area unsupervised.

  • As a courtesy to other clients who have a scheuled class after yours, please make sure to leave the swimming pool on time once your scheduled class time has run out. Class time will not be extended beyond what is on the schedule even if you have arrived to class late to avoid inconveniencing other swimmers.   


  • Children should arrive dressed in their bathing suits and should bring their own towel. Changing can be done inside the changing room. No wet suits allowed inside the gym area. A quick rinse in the shower is required before entering the pool.

  • Please make sure that your child's skin and/or hair is free of any oils and/or lotions before entering the pool.

  • Please make sure that your child is not wearing any accessories such as rings, bracelets, watches etc.. before entering the pool.


  • Only class participants are allowed in the water. This is not an open swim. No unregistered siblings or friends are allowed.

  • It is MANDATORY that children that are not potty trained wear the special Swim Diapers. Fecal accidents may require a complete pool shut down. Do NOT use plastic training pants, everyday diapers or disposable swim diapers in place of our Swim Diapers. Use ONLY Swim. No exceptions.


  • Please be prompt in picking up your children.

  • Do not bring sick children to class for at least 2 days, especially with ear infections, vomiting, or diarrhea.


  • No glass containers, no pets, and no smoking are allowed in the pool area.

  • No running or horseplay in pool area. Chewing gum or candy while in the water is prohibited.


  • No food is allowed in the pool area.

  • Students with open sores, rashes, or wearing band-aids are not permitted in the water.


  • No standing dives are allowed; not even in the deep end.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent to fill in The Little Stars Registration form on behalf of a child before the start of a new term. Please make sure to fill in all areas especially emergency contact details and highlight any medical concerns your child may have. A one-time registration fee will be applicable to all newcomers. The club waiver form MUST also be signed by each child’s parent or guardian for registration to be complete.


  • Term fees should be paid in full by the first day of class. No partial down payments will be accepted under any circumstances for seat bookings. Cash is the only payment option accepted. No credit cards or cheques will be processed.


  • The club runs on a strict no fees no train policy, failure to pay fees on time will affect your child’s participation in classes. Children with outstanding fees will not be admitted to the class until the balance has been cleared.


  • Details on class fees, registration fees, and term dates are available on club website and at club reception.


  • No refund of term fees will be offered under any circumstances. Only one make-up class can be given per term depending on availability (this make up class must be used up within the registered term ONLY).

  • Please do not bring any valuables to the pool. The club will not be responsible for the loss of any belongings.


  • We reserve the right to remove those participants who “opt out” by failing to abide by The Little Stars Club philosophy, who are disrespectful to the instructors, other children or parents, who use inappropriate language or who are not abiding by the aforementioned rules above.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Little Stars welcomes you to its Sports family!

Pool Usage Guidelines


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